Saturday, 14 June 2014

wedding fever

This time next week, Jordan and I will be standing in my Great Aunt and Uncle's garden getting MARRIED. We've both spent many happy days in their garden (Jordan was good friends with my cousin when we were little) and my Great Uncle Maurice is marrying us so it seemed like the natural place to tie the knot, despite the potential for weather-related hiccups.

Over the next seven days we'll be pulling together all the bits and pieces that will make our day just the way we want it. We've always said that it would be a chilled out affair - a relaxed ceremony followed by some good food and a fun party. We want it to feel like a lazy Sunday afternoon spent with family and friends. It's hard to remember that sometimes, especially as things get busier, but going through some of the images that have inspired us along the way is helpful. These pictures are some of my favourites.

I can't wait to see everything come together. Our 'theme', much as I hate to call it that, is based on the things that will be around us on the day: the trees in the garden, the beach over the hill and the sea. It's these little details that will make the day extra special for ourselves and our guests. There are close friends and family joining us from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Glasgow, Plymouth, Australia and New Zealand. We're so excited to have all our favourite people together in such a special place.

The very talented Floortje Robertson is taking our wedding photographs. Floortje co-edits a lovely blog, City Mouse, Island Mouse, with her friend in Glasgow. She was the photographer behind Ria and Loudon's wedding photos, some of which you can see on my post about making Ria's dress.

I'll be back here soon(ish) with photos of our little Shetland wedding and our honeymoon in Paris. Until then, I'll be posting happy snaps on instagram. Wish us luck!


  1. Best wishes for a lovely day. It is indeed a special thing, to stand before your family and friends and declare your love and commitment to each other.

  2. Best wishes on your wedding day. I have been enjoying your recent beach pictures remembering many holidays spent there when my boys were younger. It is a magical place and I am sure your wedding day will be very special.

  3. Sounds like it will be very special and magical! Enjoy!