Friday, 3 August 2012

Ria's gown, by Reform Lane

Gown by Reform Lane. Photography by Floortje Roberston.

Ria and Loudon were married on 30th June 2012.  Floortje Robertson's photos show Ria getting ready with her daughter, Merran, her little sister, Rowan, and the lovely Gabby, and then the service at Easthouse Croft in Papil.

To get ideas for designing her dress, Ria and I spent time together drinking tea, eating cake, and looking at pictures of everything from art to flowers to lanterns to furniture. Absorbing all these images together meant that we had similar ideas on the look and feel of the end result from quite early on (we were finishing each others sentences and meeting each time with the same ideas, despite not having been in touch for weeks). The biggest influences were 1920s beading together with shapes and lines taken from illustrations and designs by Paul Poiret. When we looked back, after the dress was finished, we realised that some of the early images of jewellery and flowers - along with a little glint of nautical uniform - had come through in the details.

Seeing as we seemed to have some kind of freaky telepathic link going on, Ria was pretty generous with giving me creative freedom so I was able to gather things from all over and snap them up, knowing that she'd love them. I bought the vintage trims from a man who was wearing an ancient denim shirt with a beautifully tied silk scarf in a little shop in Paris 2nd Arrondissement on a really cold January afternoon (I found him via this book by Pia Jane Bijkerk). The mushroom lace was a happy, accidental find in Glasgow on my way to meet with Rebecca Quinton, who has an amazing job as Curator of European Dress and Textiles at Glasgow Museums

Once all the pieces were brought together in the studio, the dress seemed to almost build itself up. The lace fabric for the overdress almost completely dictated the cutting process (most of which was achieved through draping) in a way that was so unscientific it verged on being terrifying, whereas the lined underdress of silk jersey was dyed a pale gold and cut from a Reform Lane pattern (more of that later). Even trims and glass beads that had the potential to be disparate seemed to magically come together.

For me, the best part was dressing Ria on the morning of the wedding (you can see me fastening her up as she points out that it's time for lipstick, now that the dress is safely on) and then seeing her little boys, Joahnnie (2 years) and Raffie (6 months), enjoying the movement and sparkle of the stranded beads at the evening dance.

Congratulations to Ria and Loudon, and to Merran, Joahnnie and Raffie. And thankyou.

Gown designed and made by Reform Lane
Photography by Floortje Robertson.


  1. Wow, gorgeous dress, bravo. She's gorgeous too!

  2. Such a stunning piece. I love it more and more every time I look at it x